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Which look do you prefer?

Mark Sanderson

08 May 2023


We wait all year round for the best time to play golf and we’re delighted to announce it’s finally here!

Now that we’re well into May, the days are the longest and warmest we’ve had this year so far, which means we can finally play in lighter clothing and in the evenings. We stock some fantastic clothing brands in the pro shop, and the summer collection from PING is not to be overlooked.

We appreciate that as golfers we all have different clothing tastes and styles, and that some clothes will grab us more than others. PING knows this better than anyone so we have a fun variety of pieces available from them for you to try on in-store.


Jay polo


Summer certainly is the time of year for brighter and more colourful clothes. With this in mind, you may want to consider adding the Jay polo to your wardrobe. This polo is a striking pearl grey colour and features a pleasant arrangement of grey circles and semicircles dotted all over the garment. The PING brand name is stitched onto the right shoulder. This tasteful polo is stretchy, comfy, and has some real charm to it.


Mr. PING polo


As you may have gathered from the name, this standard navy polo shirt features the Mr. PING mascot embroidered on the chest’s crest. The Mr. PING is a fantastic polo if you love to wear plain or subtle designs. The placket has four buttons making the collar easy to tighten and loosen, and the fabric is stretchy to help you achieve the golf performance you’re looking for.


Elevation Half Zip Fleece


The Elevation Fleece from PING has a strikingly similar resemblance to the Jay Polo, the two go very well paired together. This fleece is the same pearl grey colour as the polo shirt, with the circles and semicircles only appearing on the right side of the chest. These shapes are striped which captures your attention as it gives the illusion that they’re fading. This lightweight mid-layer is incredibly comfortable and will keep you warm on those chilly rounds.


Edwin Half Zip Fleece


On first glance, the Edwin Fleece seems to be the shadow counterpart of the Elevation. This fleece is a dark oxford blue colour all-over and features a lighter shade of blue on the quarter zip. The PING brand name also appears on the right shoulder in subtle stitching. If you love wearing darker and more neutral colours, the Edwin looks fantastic and will keep you comfortable as you embrace the element on the course.


Your look, your choice

So, which of our new looks did you most prefer? This is not an exhaustive list of everything we have but a taste of what we have available. We’re always on-hand to help make your golfing experience as pleasurable as possible. If you’re on the lookout for new golf clothing, why not visit us today? We’re sure to have something in the store to suit your needs.

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